How to apply for non-repayable loans?

What are non-repayable loans?

Non-repayable loans are cash loans that do not require a repayment obligation of the disbursed capital and its interests and do not provide for the availability of a guarantee or a guarantor. In fact, they can be granted to anyone who requests it, without prior assessment of income availability. Generally, an assessment of the applicant's creditworthiness is not required and the signature of a guarantor is not required. They are provided by public bodies, the European Union, the State, Regions and Municipalities and serve to encourage the entrepreneurial initiative of various subjects.

Who are they intended for?

The main categories to which non-repayable loans are intended are made up of unemployed, of young people, of women and startup. In any case, they are aimed at encouraging private economic and entrepreneurial initiatives that encounter greater difficulties in accessing the labor market. But there are also funds intended for already established companies that decide to invest in strategic sectors, such as non-repayable loans for agriculture and technological innovation.


The requirements for obtaining a non-repayable loan are indicated in the call but, in general, are:

  1. educational qualification or technical skills related to the objective of the call;

2. company form (if required);

3. specific requirements of the announcement (for example belonging to certain territorial areas specified in the announcement, usually disadvantaged geographical areas of the South);

4. ability to create a strategic marketing project for the inclusion of their business.

Non-repayable grants are not allocated by a single entity, but there are several at both European and national level. Generally, the request for credit takes place through tenders, which, coming from different entities, have different characteristics. Given the multitude of opportunities available, companies can benefit from the assistance of consultants specialized in non-repayable tenders. We will accompany you to identify the opportunities suitable for your business reality and the growth of your business. Each call will indicate the total financial availability and the maximum amount that can be granted for each individual company.

Although each call has some peculiarities, some elements are frequently necessary for the presentation of the application. Among these we find:

  • business plan containing economic and financial information;
  • targets medium and long term;
  • purpose and use of funds of the announcement.

Thanks to the consultants of KBS Consulting, your company will receive assistance for the correct presentation of the forms to the calls. In addition, it will have the necessary tools to keep up to date on the publication of new opportunities for grants.